Images can be some of the most influential things we see on this media in the 21st century. Rather then reading about something and our ideologies deciphering how we interpret what we have read, we are given an image thats showing us what it wants us to see. But each individuals personality can also effect how we interpret these images. For example:ba68fa7cce3e1dbf34d0fab613b7b297.jpg

This is a great example for how an image can have a wide variety of interpretations that are positive and negative. As well as how images can effect our opinions and how we feel about ourselves and each other.

Signifiers/ Denotations and Signified/ Connotations 

  • Nike symbol- sports advertisement
  • Man wearing sports clothing – men participating in sports, or possible specifically advertising sportswear for men.
  • “one more thing for men to rule” can either signify a positive attitude towards men and a competitive stance , but it could also be interpreted as demeaning to women. Possibly leading to the fact that women are not as successful in sports as men , and with the things nike is advertising men can be better then women at ‘another thing’.

Why do we as individuals interpret things in certain and different ways?

Semeiotics explains how we interpret different things.


With images in the media there is always a constant risk to how people will interpret things. Making it hard for there to be a right and wrong in the images that are placed onto the internet. Leading o a constant debate about the appropriateness of content on the internet.

2 thoughts on “Interpretations

  1. Your blog post shows very organised form of information and also the way you have passed the information of Semiotics in simple words. It is very interesting to read you blog a you have given point to point information about the topic you want to talk about. Really liked it.

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