The Medium Is the Message Pt.2

The lack of linearity between two related qualities such as input and output, is defined as non- linearity. Simplified it’s basically a way to explain how you work the internet, nothing works in an organized sequence, any one place can lead everyone to an entirely different one based on the person’s preferences. For example, you could be on YouTube and watching DIY videos, then an hour later and you now watching why Justin Bieber dyed his hair. The sequence of what people do on the internet is completely random, with infinite possibilities of what you can discover.9e16fd8f3c33a9108e7e1caf08cffe3b72c1f4d7b3045cf73d04bc4bf85bb2db.jpg

This is all part of Digital transformations, and how technologies are changing and evolving to become a massive source of content. Hatsune Miku is a Japanese pop star. With the transformation from analog to digital we have begun to generate different versions of what is already existent, and possibly changing it for the better.
Digital transformations also involve craftsmanship and how the different forms of making have changing to incorporateUnknown.png the changing world of technology. Take glitch art for an example. Something that originally came about as a mistake has now turned into a form of art. Transforming how its seen.The image I have inserted is one of my own pieces of glitch art, which demonstrates tat anyone can be come an ‘artist’ and put their content out on the internet, transforming who can become involved in the art world due to digital transformations. This process of making also changes the experience involved in art. instead of being a process created by an individual manually, you can get an image you’ve taken , put it into a program and have it turned into art.


In a recent University lecture I attended, this form of non-linearity was demonstrated through the lecture as a medium itself, Mcluhan’s ‘the medium is the message’ helped me understand this concept because I’ve begun to notice how every medium that individuals are placed in alter their experiences. The lecture seemed to lack a finality or a structure, which perfectly enraptured how the internet works.

Finally if you haven’t noticed this Blog post is also demonstrating a non-linear experience and demonstrating ‘the medium is the message’ with a lack of sequence to the information being presented.wat8.jpg


Create your own glitch art:

Helpful links for more information:

One thought on “The Medium Is the Message Pt.2

  1. Very nicely written blog, loved how you have specified the diversion caused by the internet when being used by a user. The glitch being a new form of craft done on the internet is a very good example which you have included really well in your blog. Loved it, would love to read more from you.


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