Does it Matter?

The media is controlled by many individuals over a wide variety of platforms. Things such as the news, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc are all different platforms which we as individuals use to interact with the people around us as well as being how companies connect with us through the internet. In an ever growing world of media saturation, we are faced with the issue of concentrated media ownership and media manipulation.

Currently the some of the know biggest players in media are:

But surprisingly some of the biggest influences in the media at the moment are pop culture artistsIMG_0371.PNG like Beyonce. With 98.7million followers on Instagram and 14.7 million followers on twitter, she has saturated the social media markets and generated a following that in some circumstances outshines the following of the news corporations.

Any content produced by individuals like this could be based around their own personal ideologies, which is the base of anxiety around concentrated media ownership. If your following a variety of different platforms to receive differentiated information on a range of topics, your at risk to see the same content and perceptions because all the platforms are owned by singular corporations with controlled ideologies.

Furthermore concentrated media ownership can cause more issues than just a lackScreen Shot 2017-04-03 at 7.24.36 PM.png of differentiation. In this age anyone can comment on different topics, leading to and end-less supply of content. Concentrated media ownership is more likely to generate excessive amounts of propaganda on certain media platforms. Trump’s twitter page is a great example of how social media platforms can be used to generate different types of propaganda. Trump states that news is “fake” and by using twitter he connects directly to his audience, but what does that mean for us? are we now only receiving information on people from the people themselves and in that case is it still mediated and censored by those people? or have we entered an age where we get the truth directly from the source? And overall, Does it matter?. To individuals involved in the production of content online and the audiences, it will always matter because we want to know that the information we are getting is resourceful, truthful and critical, all of which things can be jeopardized by concentrated media ownership.

You could almost link trumps campaign through twitter as similar to the propaganda provided by Hitler, even though that’s a bothering link, it’s clear that each of the individuals use media platforms to promote their views and don’t go through other media corporations to get their information to audiences. They both use media to promote THEIR ideologies. Luckily we are users are able to combat anything these individuals place on the internet and if there is a significant movement of people who disagree in the public it can cause an issue for them.

Overall it’s clear that we have to start considering pop culture artists, YouTubers and other social media influences as producers of news and reliability rather than just news channels like 9news or ABC news. In a way these social media influencers can almost be considered to have become more honest and raw sources of information. We do not look to these individuals for news , generally we look at them for aesthetics or inspiration, it can be more of a bonus if we are given ‘news’ and therefore we are more likely to take notice of it and believe it because we Believe and ‘know’ them as ‘real’ people. So has concentrated media ownership moved from news media and into social media? Yes , and that clear through the amount of influence people like Beyonce have already had on the world just through singular Instagram posts. Which could also be the reasoning behind government (trump) turning to social media to keep up with the change in mass influence.



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