Empowered audiences

The role of the audience in their interaction with digital media platforms and content has dramatically changed during the last couple of years.User empowerment is continuously growing and many media platforms have become dependent on it.timthumb.php.jpeg

Previously content was created by producers who concentrated the media market. Most were seen as credible sources and the audience had little interaction with content production and were legally restricted from remixing and remaking the content that was being produced.


But with the introduction of Web 2.0 the users are now the producers and in turn, the producers are the users.  web-20-6-638.jpg

We have entered a world web production that is uncontrollably non-linear. Content can come from anywhere and anyone, meaning sources have lost credibility in a traditional sense but gained it in they eyes of the audience.



Take Reddit for an example, Reddit has a constant flow of content production all generated by produsers. Content that’s directly defined by the people as ‘credible or not credible’ just by ‘upvoting or downvoting’ an anonymous comment.Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.27.32 PM.png

These changes in technologies and media mediums have created new users/makers in the online society. We as audiences have become the content and that’s why news sources online like ‘The Australian’, ‘CNN’ and more have become in a way irrelevant and have become ‘fake news’ trying to scrape back the viewers and control they once had over the opinions and content circulating in society. We no longer need to be told the content subjectively from single sources, we can now see it live, comment on it, challenge it and remix it. The news source has become the second to know and present, rather than the first. Audiences are beginning to skip a step and go straight to the source rather than through a news outlet. So where does ethics come into the current content flow? Are the sources we get our information from credible? ” those in journalism who want to bring ethics to blogging ought to start with why people trust(some) bloggers, not with an ethics template made for a prior platform operating as a closed system in a one-to-many world”- Jay Rosen

For example, some straight from the source footage is shown in the video bellow, (a drone journalist)


I’ve created a video linked bellow showing the evolution in media outlets and the continual growth in popularity for user-driven content mediums, as well as showing the usage of the mediums in action.


2 thoughts on “Empowered audiences

  1. All of your sources are so interesting and relevant to this topic! I really like that you spoke about the changing role of the audience in regards to the news and Web 2.0!

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