Originality is Dead

After years of continual updates and campaigns for the ethical and legal implications of intellectual property and copyright issues, the system has veered away from its original purpose. Commonly our deep-rooted commitments to promoting free speech and creativity/ innovation seem to disappear as soon as someone mentions that it could be 'infringement' or 'copyrighted'. Meaning that … Continue reading Originality is Dead

Can TRAP music be a trap?

  Most people enjoy a good remix of original music, we get to hear the music we already loved changed and turned into something different but we still enjoy the sound. The internet has assisted in this new remix culture craze. With is being easy to share the content on places like youtube and SoundCloud. But this … Continue reading Can TRAP music be a trap?


Meme's, whether you like it or not, are constantly involved in our online and offline lives. It seem's that overnight memes have become one of the most powerful and widespread sources of communication that we currently have. https://www.theverge.com/2017/1/10/14223264/meme-economy-reddit-stock-market Generally, Meme's have a connection to our everyday lives. They can be funny, relatable or contain a … Continue reading MEME