Originality is Dead

After years of continual updates and campaigns for the ethical and legal implications of intellectual property and copyright issues, the system has veered away from its original purpose. Commonly our deep-rooted commitments to promoting free speech and creativity/ innovation seem to disappear as soon as someone mentions that it could be ‘infringement’ or ‘copyrighted’. Meaning that just because you have produced something with a resemblance to something already created, your work isn’t yours and your not ‘original’ enough.
Image result for originality is deadBut why has it come to this? Ideally, intellectual property is meant to encourage creators to embody a balanced incentive system. Copyrights and patents, for example, are supposed to evoke people into creating things that are innovative whilst making sure that the producers already created content receive the correct reference for their use.Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.46.53 AM.png

When the system is working correctly, it can be the catalyst for creativity, innovation, and consumer protection. When it doesn’t, IP rights can halt creation. We have normalized these restrictions because we believe it’s protecting us when it could actually be restricting us, currently, it’s looking like a web of licenses, backed up by law, that limits our ability to tinker with, sell, give away, repair and generally use your devices


Intellectual property has a place in creative content, it allows producers to create and get credit for that creation, while also stopping people from copying the content and presenting it as their own. But we have to develop new intellectual property laws that co-inside with the introduction of new media’s online. Things like remixing, repairing or creating parodies should be celebrated not restricted, in an age where digital file sharing is normalized, intellectual property laws have to adjust to ensure that the new creative audiences are able to produce work that works with and around original content.

For example here are some amazing re-creation of original content and more information on what’s happening in the world of intellectual property, as well as a youtube video I made with the use of other’s music:


2 thoughts on “Originality is Dead

  1. Its interesting the point you bring up surrounding the need for new legislation and copyright laws for todays standards. The need for new law to ensure creative minds are not restricted and imagination is allowed to run wild is of top importance in my opinion, do you agree?

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    1. yes completeley, the law struggles to keep up with technological advancments. its clear we need to ensure creators are given credit for their work but we still have to allow creativity in other to bounce off original work


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