Where I’m from Pt.2

My soundscape was based on creating a piece that would be representative of the world spaces and soundscapes I’ve experienced when traveling in a car to and from the horse racing track to work or when I was with my parents at a young age. To capture the sounds, I’ve mimicked some sounds heard from a car with different sounds from in and around my home and used them as the noises of traveling to the race track. Then I further developed the piece by presenting sounds from the beginning of the day (alarm clock) to the middle of the day with the sounds of betting and crowds, to the most thrilling part of the day at the race track (the racing) which is where I finished the piece. By taking inspiration from George Ella’s poem “where I’m from” I was able to create a piece that captured the 2 main soundscapes of ‘where I’m from’ in a simpler form and show the experiences of my everyday life and where I come from.

My version of George Ella’s poem:

I am from distance

From long journeys with the same destination

I am from the dirt under my nails

I am from a backseat view

and a front seat opinion

I am from a conversation mixed with a radio sound

I’m from the beating of my heart

From the beginning of a race

I’m from the noise I hear

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