Where I’m from Pt.3

Physical and metaphorical connections can develop who we are as a person and represent the places that we are from. For my audio-visual poem, I focused on the connection humans have with horses and its relevance to where I’m from, as I have grown up around horse racing and currently live on horse racing track. To do this I ensured that the audio connected with the visuals to function as a catalyst for an emotional connection between the content and the audience. This audio builds slowly to create excitement and anticipation, like the excitement felt by the horses, further highlighting the focus on connection not only in the piece but within the viewers interacting with the piece. The soft start to the music joined with the voice speaking directly about the horses in the visuals draw the viewer into the story and atmosphere of racing. The voice itself came from a family member, which in turn links back to my concept of widespread connections and once again “where I’m from.” As the visuals come to an end the piece turns into pure audio of horse hooves mixed with the sound of women’s heels. This finalises the piece with a metaphorical representation of contact between the horse and woman, as well as this the symbol of walking is representative movement, leaving the audience with questions about where the subject is going, and where they are from. Overall the audio’s function in this project was to enhance the emotions represented in the visuals.


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