“Imagine if, for your whole life, you had only been looking through one eye, and then scientists allow you to open up the second eye. All of a sudden you’re not just getting more vision, you’re getting a different dimension, a whole new perspective.” How cool would it be if we could also open up a third or fourth eye, or even a thousand eyes? And that’s exactly what’s happening now. –Rick Smolan

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 7.46.53 PM.png

During the development of the telegraph to cyberspace, we watched the world develop a nervous system. A network of imaginative wires unifying the world through projected thought.

Samuel Morse’s domino effect on cyberspace can be seen as similar to Shakespeare’s effect on English. The invention of the telegraph created a dramatic shift in peoples perceptions on how information could be transported, people began to exist in multiple worldspaces rather than one.

We are in the midst of a deep, long, muddled cultural transition, profoundly related to the incorporation of networked media technologies, wired and wireless, into virtually all aspects of our daily lives. – Felix Stadler ‘information Ecology’

Translation: So long as they were linked by telegraphic wires, humans were liberated from the tyranny of distance; Samuel F. B. Morse had, in the saying of contemporaries, “obliterated time and space.” Sean Trainor

We are re-imagining the world as a brain with millions of interacting connections allowed by the digital age, changing how information is moved and presented, allowing us to ‘teleport’  and exist in multiple spaces without moving matter itself.






2 thoughts on “Synapse

  1. Great post and a very creative of incorporating the morse code into the actual writing itself. I agree with the idea that Samuel Morse had a similar effect on cyberspace that Shakespeare had on English literature and is a very insightful comparison. I recommend having a look at this: , as it gives insight into why Morse actually created the code.

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  2. hey, dope post. The comparison you used between Shakespeare and Morse was super effective and helped me to further grasp the concept. The philosophical side to your post regarding “opening your third or fourth eye” challenges the audience to further decipher the meaning and with the use of your Soundcloud piece, the entire post is a solid take on cyberspace and the weeks topic. thanks.

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