‘ErrorMedia’ will be Australian content produced as a collaboration between Instagram and Youtube, attempting to reframe the current perspective and limitations of the car community.

I’ll be focusing on addressing the negative perspective of females. By including my own image in posts showing skill and class, it should automatically change viewers perspectives, without directly attacking preconceived perceptions. Showing evidence that a female presence in the car industry isn’t to only be viewed as an accessory or illegitimate. 

My content should provide a chain-link for existing producers to access markets they struggle to reach, in turn raising the ceiling of audiences for car content. This will be achieved by generating posts that access markets separate from the car community and bringing them in from side angles, while simultaneously addressing niche car markets within the mass car market, unlimiting my current following base and opening it up to more business and marketing opportunities.


4 thoughts on “ErrorMedia

  1. Hey Serena! Reviewing your project again 🙂

    This is such a great idea for a DA, especially since you already have an account up and running. I love the fact that you’re focusing on females and cars + bikes because you’re right, there’s little to no content which just feeds into the negative stereotypes.

    I sussed out your IG and you’ve definitely got a certain aesthetic going already which is great. I think your content upload schedule sounds very organised and consistent with video themes. YouTube sounds like it’ll be a great platform for this project. Maybe you could also use TikTok? They’re SUPER easy to create and upload (literally just upload ~10 seconds of a video and add music).

    Best of luck and can’t wait to see your DA!


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