A Critical Reflection

First comment

Overview of pitch: A blog series exploring artificial intelligence in video games, for example discussing AI as the future of gaming.


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I wanted to provide some further information on AI technologies, AI is a complex topic and the more information that’s available to that person to incorporate into their project the better. However, I did find it difficult to find sources of further research that were directly related to their content and topic. And finally, I attempted to encourage them to look further into the platform they have chosen to engage in, as I believe they will have a larger audience elsewhere. However, I could have furthered this encouragement by doing the research myself, and providing a link to further information on that suggestion.

Second comment

Overview: Analysis of a paratext focusing on modifications to Nintendog’s gaming and its effect outside of the gaming community.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.57.10 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.57.19 PM



I wanted to present the idea to the creator that its a potential risk that the audience reach may be limited when your discussing content that can be confusing to non-gamers, and therefore to suggested a way that they can access the non-gamer community and get them involved in the discussion and feedback loop.I wanted to contribute information to the discussion of modding. To do this provided a link that has some relation to the topic that they wanted to discuss but it might also provide a discussion topic alternative, or a new approach if the current plan does not get the feedback they are hoping for. However, I could have provided a link to an example of the improvements I have suggested, this would have made it clearer.


Third comment

Overview of pitch: By emerging themselves into sim and related sims communities they will be exploring sociological effects of the game.


Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.44.35 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.44.46 PM



I wanted to encourage the creator to look into a specific topic as I think it would involve other communities rather than just gaming. But I also wanted to engage in the DA by finding further information on the same topic from a different angle, this would allow the creator of the DA to broaden their knowledge of the content. It may have been beneficial to suggest specific content and topics that would spark my interest, as someone who isn’t particularly interested in this content it would have been a good market insight to inform them of how they could attract people like me into becoming one of their audience members


  • Be more specific in the links and references, so any sources provided are likely to be more useful 
  • Provide examples of any improvements I suggested or evidence to show that it could be beneficial. This would strengthen my engagement and be of more value to the creator
  • Comment a question I have and get some discussion from the creator and then make my input 
  • Comments could have been longer but it dot points to ensure its still easy to read and not overwhelming 
  • Possibly challenging their ideas could encourage them to think about their topics from a different perspective
  • My comments can be broad, in future I should attempt to make them more specific 
  • Engaging more in the specific DA rather than just presentation and research ideas, for example by challenging, agreeing, further topics to research into what im passionate about.
  • Providing more than one source of new information, and trying to include information that isn’t easily found to ensure they haven’t already looked into it themselves 


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