This pitch was great, I enjoyed that I felt as though you were naturally chatting to your audience through the camera. The concept overall was easy to understand and I immediately knew your goals for the DA. But for further improvement, I believe it would be beneficial to semi script the overall concept, method, and utility before speaking to the camera, that you don’t waste any time trying to remember what/how you want to pitch. This will also allow you to get across more information as you will have more time.

Furthermore, showing more existing content examples and mentioning what they are and aren’t doing and what you plan to improve upon can further to prove to your audience that you will have a point of difference and interest. Potentially further drawing upon what you think those existing producers are missing and how you’re going to fill that gap.

However overall I really enjoyed that you overlayed images of your existing content to break up the video of you speaking, this helped me to hold interest and get a better idea of the plan for the DA and its potential for the future. Even including more screenshot of accounts that are similar to yours or accounts you aspire to would have been helpful sources of reference.

You discussed changing the username to suit the content you were producing, it may be good to trial and error. See what response you get with the current name and then update it and see if the response changes. That way you can base the name off the audience feedback loop. And is the feedback loop working? If not maybe Instagram isn’t the best platform, you may have to branch out to another platform that isn’t largely saturated by similar content already. Lastly, I noticed that overall the accounts in this range tend to have a better response if a personality attached, so potentially attaching yourself to your content could be helpful to gain a better reach.

When entering a market that is so heavily saturated finding a point of interest can be difficult, but I suggest looking into the aesthetics of your content and trying out multiple different themes. Aesthetics are easy to change and get a quick response from. 

Overall great plan, I’m excited to see what comes of it.



To start off the concept was explained quickly and I understood the project immediately. I was engaged by the simple presentation of your information, which was easy to read and take in. However to get a better grasp of your plans it would be great to see examples of the discussion topics specifically, as well as a discussion of your audience aims, specifically, would it be aged at people that are 30-50 years old that use Soundcloud? And furthermore, once you have aims for your audience base, will the platforms you’ve chosen to use still be relevant and useful to reach those markets? I find it can be critical to research and plan your audience because if your content cant reach its audience, it can become useless.

In comparison to the existing content I have seen you have a massive point of difference by including your mum, this also allows you to access a larger age range for your audience and hopefully, you will disagree on some content discussion and people will get two different perspectives. Sometimes podcasts on current events can be very negative so it would be great to listen to some content that’s positive. For example, I suggest looking into ‘the happy news’ by Emily Coxhead. 

As a potential listener I think 15-20min would be an optimal time frame, but it may be beneficial to do more research into how long people will listen to podcasts like yours for as well as looking at your analytics through the feedback loop to see how long people are listening, if they always listen to the end potentially lengthen the video, however, if they are escaping early, maybe shorter a podcast.

I think you can get a much larger utility out of your project, you could use it as a platform to raise awareness for potential niche discussion topics, or sharing a new perspective on a particular topic. It could always be used as advertising platforms or marketing platforms in relation to your discussion topic also.

Overall I think its an excellent idea for a DA, I’m keen to listen in.

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