Critical Reflection Pt.2

First comment

Overview of pitch:

Blog posts and a short YouTube video on the role that female characters play in GTA



  • Based on my initial critical reflection on comments I wanted to ensure that I became more involved in providing links that would directly assist the issues that the developer was enduring. Therefore in this comment I took time to research links, one that was broader and carried a wide variety of relevance across multiple game examples and one link that was more specific, the wiki link, even though it is wikipedia, has plenty of hyperlinks to higher quality sources.

  • I also made mention to including a timeline of iterations, in this round of comments I wanted to ensure that instead of only mentioning any issue I have found or an improvement that could be made, I also wanted to ensure that I provided a solution.

  • As well as this I attempted to provide links that were specific and academic, sources that could potentially be used in the final project

  • I engaged with her topic by doing research into the statistics that she was trying to find as well as commenting my own opinion on the text that she is looking into

Second comment

Overview of pitch:

A video essay that initiates with a history of women in video games and a media archaeology of adventure games



  • Made my comments clearer – more structured and separated so that they reader could skim through and quickly get benefit from my comments

  • In this comment I spoke more about the presentation techniques not only just the DA topics

  • I suggested in the comment that a direction they could take to make the project more applicable and relvent to more people would be to provide context on the games, ensuring that non-gamers can understand your dissucssion

  • Made mention of the Post-structuralist approach and analytical frameworks that the DA creator was using

Third Comment

Overview of pitch:

Game creation within Fortnight that will accompany an exploration of how participatory culture has led to a new era of media. Eg. Mods, video creation and level/map creation



  • Mentioning solutions for any issues i came across rather than only pointing out the problems

  • Noticed that the youtube link wasn’t embedded correctly- quickly suggested how to do this correctly on a wordpress account

  • Quick mention on suggested presentation techniques

  • Suggested linking back to the original Blog post and DA pitch as i think this is important to get context to the DA

  • Noticed there was a lack of participatory culture current present in the DA. therefore, i tried to suggest doing this as quickly as possible, with which I supported this suggestion with the subject outline and marking criteria. This was something that I reflected upon not doing enough of in the previous round of comments


Overall Reflection- Future Improvement 

  • More discussion of the lecture content and marking criteria

  • Become more involved in the DA by conducting more research on their concepts and games, providing me with better context to provide them with a valuable input they could potentially use in their final project.

  • Through this process I learnt that it’s important to do background research on the topic of the DA before commenting that way your comments are well informed and are of more value

  • This comment process and reflecting on it has helped me to further improve how I critically analyse my own work to improve it based on marking criteria and feedback


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