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Moving forward from the stage I’ve presented in the video, I’m now at the point of uploading to YouTube and generating an audience. From there I’ll be linking Patreon, we plan to upload behind the scenes/ informative and instructional videos, therefore people will immediately get something for the money they pay. Furthermore our personalised videos will draw in a tight-knit community of people.

By starting patreon after a community is developed on youtube, audiences are exposed to what they will in future be ‘subscribing’ to, and have legitimate reason to join. I want to achieve this within the next 3 weeks. Until that stage the business will be monetized through merch sales of not only ErrorMedia but also through my personal instagram account Serena Harbor. Currently as a prototype I’ve got ErrorMedia and ErrorMediaSupporter stickers, as well as a bag and jackets that myself and my team use and wear while shooting, this promotes our business quickly and easily with little to no cost.

Currently my instagram response is excellent, the quick feedback loop helps me to develop my awareness of what my audience connects with, quiding my youtube video content should be based around. However in correlation to the first pitch I want to rearrange the starter pack for ‘female driver’ which looks like:

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 6.37.02 pm.png

I’d like it to be more like;

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 6.42.14 pm.png

Overall my issue currently is producing quality content that involves my presence, involving my personality in videos is key to reframing the female existence within the car community, however, by including myself in instagram content, I’ve already started to create a community of people who view my involvement within the motorsport community as valuable and involved rather than as an accessory, this has been made clear by direct message that has been sent discussing the car and future plans for motorsport content. But in the near future I have a MX-5 short cinematic and vlog video going up, in which I talk to camera. Introducing people to my personality in full.


4 thoughts on “Error Media BETA

  1. Hey Serena!

    This DA is so sick, I love it.

    Your beta and blog were both very organised where you made your project’s iterations and audience feedback loop very clear.

    I like how you’re trying out daytime shots. It’s a good chance to try something new and challenge yourself.

    The quality of your video is incredible. It takes a good amount of time to get the right shots and edit, so it shows how much effort was put in…plus you got so much interaction from views and comments?! Your original idea of 8-10 videos would have definitely affected the quality so this was a better route.

    You’ve been really consistent with your IG uploads where I would imagine it would have contributed to your increase in following!

    I’ve never used Patreon but I’ve heard great things so good move!

    Good luck with the rest of your project 🙂


  2. Hi!

    So, your project is actually one that I have been following along this semester, at least the Instagram part is. I’m not at all considered a car fan but I love your DA!

    The aesthetic of your Instagram is really nice and while I may not be a fan of cars, I am a fan of photography and how you are editing your photos is making them look consistent and stunning. I particularly like the photos that include the high vibrancy whether it be the car or the bright reds in the nightlife photos. I also like the ones that include you in it as well since I think they appeal more to someone who doesn’t actually follow cars, like me, and it definitely gives a more human aspect to the feeling of your Instagram.

    I have noticed that you are including shots with nature in stark contrast with the car and I think these are working well with your theme!
    I also noticed that you have been somewhat consistently tagging brands that you are wearing but not having the tags visible in the description which I think is smart. It definitely gives off the more professional feel towards your account. While tags generally don’t help the professional view I would suggest to keep tagging in the comments and possibly much much later deleting the tags to clean up the look a bit.

    I’m not sure if it would help you but Instagram released a new type of business account recently and it might be worth checking it out!

    Interested in seeing more of your DA!


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