Peer Review 2

Digital Atefact One


Positive Methodology Improve Methodology 
  • Polls are a great way to get quick feedback on specific content production and get your community involved in your content, as well as creating a better connection with the people you follow
  • Combining the food content with the fitness content is an interesting theme production, something i don’t see often combined, giving your content a point of difference 
  • The food shots are very aesthetically pleasing- things you see going viral on tumblr 
  • Your message is positive
  • Potential mass market 
  • Your uploads are consistant and frequent
  • Great comments on your stuff! Which is more valuable feedback than just likes
  • Changing the theme consistently – see what works best and get the better response, you wont know if something will work better if your not changing up the content constantly 
  • Working with colour and filters- making the aesthetic more consistent between the photos of you and the food images 
  • Differentiating your gym images or personal images of yourself- add drawing, 2nd images that are interesting, or a BTS. collaborating with digital artists potentially 
  • Profile picture, change it up, here you have to be careful as people recognise your account through this picture, but it’s also the first thing that people see when they see your account on other pages etc, I think that picture needs to emulate the content your producing ( maybe try and image of you in gym clothes biting into a massive burger) 
  • BIO – if someone came in and saw your account without knowing its background it would be hard to know its goal, in your bio i suggest you write something about the balance your trying to create and who your are and what your doing ( have a look into some accounts you aspire to and see what they have written)

One of your better images in terms of engagement was this one, I even thought I’d comment to encourage more of these style uploads


Potential reasons why, and things you could aim to include in future posts: 

  • Showing physical proof of progression
  • Inspirational 


Some more quick points I wanted to make regarding your theme and content:

  • Showing progression – show the progress you make in fitness – shows legitimacy 
  • Consistent theme
  • That theme could be that ‘perfected’ theme or something more ‘real’ and relatable
  • When you’re deciding on this theme it would be valuable to show any research you do, have you looked into other accounts? Accounts that you like the look of? Is so show those in your pictures in terms of screenshots 
  • What makes these accounts successful? What are they doing that you aren’t doing
  • Your food posts are averaging more likes, I think this is due to the fact that it’s more aesthetically pleasing 
  • Whereas some photos of you can be confusing, as I’m unsure of their intent or purpose within your content 

These two accounts might help with some inspiration:



  • I enjoy that the presentation is casual, howeever I think if you put text on screen it would be easier to track what your saying
  • show more screen shots
  • Hyperlink research into exsisting accounts, accounts you aspire to 
  • Easy to find on your blog



Positive Methodology Improve Methodology
  • Time frame adjustments
  • Listening to suggestions about titles, makes your content clearer 
  • Intro/music is excellent
  • High quality audio
  • Specific topics per podcast rather than multiple topics is heaps better- you can access niche markets this way and aim each podcast towards a more defined audience 
  • Change the image of your podcast each time, this differentiates the post more

         –  for example, your and your mum take a selfie each time you record a podcast. This may make your content more approachable 

  • Soundcloud channel art, create some images and art 
  • For example you could have text in the banner describing what your podcasts are about 
  • More content production, the more you produce the more analytics you’ll be able to see – what’s getting more likes,comments, plays. Than adjust your content based on that feedback loop. At the moment your feedback loop is almost non existant, which makes it hard to adjust your content based on audience feedback
  • Could you have an introduction podcast, introducing yourselves and your plans for the podcasts content

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 10.02.00 PM
Got more views, why?

  • Popular culture
  • Could this be a reason for you to delve into discussing currently trending topics to get more initial traction to your content 



I want to talk specifically about the promotion of your content as I feel as though your podcast have an insane potential but lacking additives of promotion and presentation to reach your audience 

Currently you cant find the content, there’s no way for people to be able to stumble across it 



  • Professional execution
  • Well spoken
  • Easy to understand
  • Hyperlink some research- potential topics, other podcasts etc
  • Easy to find on your blog

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