Error Media

ERROR MEDIA   CONCEPT: My digital artefact is a collaboration between Instagram and YouTube to show content related to females in the motorsport community, its aims were to reinvent the starter pack relevant to the stereotypes surrounding that community and assist with changing the image of females currently present in that industry. To do this … Continue reading Error Media

Scaping a Re-Birth

  RUNESCAPE AND NOSTALGIA Through audio-visuals and text I will be exploring how nostalgia can revive a games popularity or ruin its evolution potential. specifically exploring the question of; why bringing back an outdated version of a game result in more response and play time? leading to the re-birth or division of a gaming community. … Continue reading Scaping a Re-Birth


Contextual ESSAY “Digital culture of today is becoming increasingly a field of retrospective” (Suominen, 2007) Game culture is constantly evolving, so how is it that bringing back an outdated version of a game, save its dwindling number of players. Throughout this Digital Artefact I explored the online game phenomenon RuneScape, and more specifically, how nostalgia … Continue reading BCM215 DA CONEXTUAL