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My digital artefact is a collaboration between Instagram and YouTube to show content related to females in the motorsport community, its aims were to reinvent the starter pack relevant to the stereotypes surrounding that community and assist with changing the image of females currently present in that industry. To do this I have attempted to upload content on both platforms that is inherently different from the current content being produced, as well as content that shows skill as a female in the motorsport industry.

Not only would this digital artefact form a developed social utility it would also be the catalyst to start a media production company, using developed social media platforms to advertise ourselves to potential new clients. 

The trajectory development throughout the digital artefact came about from the constant research I conducted in the social media landscape, which included trending aesthetics, trending accounts, popular accounts, accounts with potential, asking my audience for feedback, discussing my content and general contact with people online through my social media accounts and constantly being active online. Currently my concept has continued on the same trajectory as mentioned in the BETA pitch.

Overarchingly, my goal is to change or at least be an aid to changing the perceptions of women in motorsport, however, no point making a point if nobody is there to hear it so firstly I need to build an audience. But as well as this I want to develop my own social media presence to potentially start a social media career.

My audience starter pack/Aims:

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.06.46 am.png




Instagram allows for quick and simple posts, it has the potential to give clear evidence of a feedback loop with the ability to quickly adjust and change things without extreme levels of time of effort. Allowing you to move through iterations fast, to reach the ultimate production of content.

For example, here are some of my recent analytics:

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.07.23 am.png

My instagram went through 3 major changes based on audience feedback in analytics, as well as just changing the content as a form of trial and error:


  • Mixed content 
  • Heavy blue and purple tones
  • Content upload schedule 


  • Heavy focus on the single vehicle
  • Slightly warmer tones
  • Low lighting shots and heavy contrast edit in images 


  • Heavily contrasted images in colour, location and activity 
  • Bright light tones 
  • More personality based 

Through research of other successful accounts showing women in motorsport, there’s always a personality heavily attached.

For example some of my main content inspiration comes from:

  • @feistii_sti
  • @_gabz_
  • @colletedavis
  • @savannalittleracing
  • @snailperformacesally
  • @eguiraun
  • @jessedrfitwood (instagram stories cinematography)
  • @motocaitlin
  • @ricahyokoi
  • @lisa_lemon_
  • @tallblondebell
  • @nikky_jacobs


TIMELINE OF CONTENT PRODUCTION (major changes highlighted in red)

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.08.29 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.08.35 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.08.42 am.png


Instagram content was changed based on lack of interaction, positive interaction, research and testing with trial and error. However as of June, instagram has become heavily restrictive in the follow-unfollow method. This methods goal was to expose yourself to accounts by catching their attention with a follow, but later on you may not be interested in their content and unfollow. This has been noticed by Instagram and I assume they want to remove all unpaid methods, not created by themselves so they can make more profit, for example they want people using paid promotions through a business account. However, its now about adaption to make it still work for you without having to pay to show your content. This is a learning curve I’m still working on.



Kept captions funny and used them as a slight insight to audiences to see more detail into my life.


  • Funny captions/relatable captions generated better response
  • It’s hard to know if not having a caption impacts on interaction. However I’d say with a ‘meme’ caption your bound to get better response.


In any photo I’ll post the photographer, which is always myself or my partner, as well as any company seen in the image:

  • Camera
  • Phone
  • Car 
  • Clothing
  • Wash products
  • Bikes
  • People
  • Events
  • Car clubs
  • Car pages 

Response: This is one way I caught the attention of companies, event producers etc. A loop hole into potential collaborations

Eg. I tag jay jays clothing = they give me a 10% discount (this is a real example)


  • I will hashtag all things pictured, relevant car, motorsport hashtags.
  • For the skyline I tag GTT34S as this is our number plate – makes it easy if people see the car out driving or at events, they can easily find and follow us.
  • Trending- if you can get to the top of the trending hashtags with over 600k posts than your reach is much greater and therefore response potentially is higher. To get to the top the algorithms works through time and frequency.
  • Posts in the recent posts on # rarely get better response – to much clutter
  • On one of my outlier posts I had a reach of 15,125 from one hashtag. #ladydriven


Initially I had scheduled uploads 2x a week. I then changed this to see the response. I uploaded at least every 4-5 days sometimes every 2 days 


I think it’s important to upload once a week to keep audiences involved and occupied with content, and not overwhelm audiences with 1 post a day. But anywhere in the middle of those frequencies works well.

Timing of posts:

Best time to post is friday at 9am 


  • Occasionally people will share your post
  • This brings in more audiences 

Some examples Include:

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.09.58 am.png


Content: Daily life, behind the scenes, etc.

Examples Include:

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.10.15 am.png


Using apps such as:

I make creative story layouts, these stories got excellent response, for example;

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.10.38 am.png

  • To keep an aesthetic I will usually take images, edit colour than upload
  • BTS & daily life show authenticity 



  • Highlights are the best of any stories I upload 
  • Shows the pages history
  • Shows all our potential content in short interesting snippets
  • Swapping the cover images to suit upload content theme- changes often to maken it updated and new.



  • Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.11.13 am.pngResearched into other bios from the accounts that were a source of inspiration to see what worked, the layout, links, common information.



  • Advertising for youtube
  • Videos show personality better
  • Gives authenticity and realness
  • Short and simple
  • A place to upload clips not used in youtube videos 
  • Videos not 100% worthy of YouTube



Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.11.32 am.png


  • Bright, stands out against other pictures
  • Most people follow/unfollow through profile pictures.
  • Changed from the original – to bring something new to the account and see if it made a difference to response. So far I think it has increased response by about 6% based on analytics



My instagram developed with the idea to change the frame I initially started with, by posting too much content related to the car I lost a lot of the personality that is required for a successful social media path. Evidence is present that the best social media accounts have a personality attached even when they are informative.

In the long term, if I wanted to make an income and monetise myself through social media it would be through motorsport sponsorships or Patreon. To receive a sponsorship through motorsport in a world saturated by people that have been training their whole lives, you need to be able to market yourself. What better way to do this other than social media. But then you have to catch the attention of those potential sponsors. Therefore I quickly realized with research into sponsored people on social media, that personality is the main consistency throughout all of the accounts.

Another key reason for the fluctuations in instagram content, is I’m heavily involved in some different hobbies, all of which I have shown on the account. Showing this develops my character profile – generating authenticity. But there is a balance with this, you don’t want to clutter the page, confusing your audience and only showing chaos, there has to be something similar in each of the images uploaded. This is a constant limitation and challenge for me when producing content, editing the images and uploading in a particular order. I attempted to upload quality over quantity on youtube but attack with quantity on instagram. 



YouTube allows for the development of a connection between the content producer and audiences

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.12.19 am.png


Current Content

The cinematic video:


  • Show our current capabilities in videography 
  • Access the already established markets from instagram and youtube 
  • Brings in an easily accessible audience to our channel, increases subscribers and views. Which in turn looks better to future subscribers and viewers to have an audience already interacting.


The mazda video:

  • Introduces us as personalities
  • Introduces the track car (the object that will allow me to show my skill as a female in motorsport in the future) 
  • Once again shows our potential as videographers- in different scenery and lighting as well as with a different car. 



  • Shows a new side to our personalities 
  • Shows the difference in content that we will be uploading in the future 
  • Brings in a new audience to our subscribers 

Future content

  • We are lucky enough to have been requested by 3 seperate people to film their cars for their own social media, 2 of which are paid.


Breakdown of methodology:

Channel Art

  • Name change – unlimits our audience base, allows us to upload any content we like under our own names 
  • For the channel art specifically I used one of the first images I posted to instagram as it had some of the best response 

In future: I hope to change the channel art to show the collection of vehicles we own in a collage style, For example:

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.13.00 am.png

  • And change the profile picture to a brighter and higher quality image 


  • Commenting on similar videos generated a flow of viewers, subscribers, comments and likes.


  • Included a quick description of the video and the content in the video
  • Music credits to ensure the benefit towards other artists we have used 
  • Listed the equipment- this has the potential to spark sponsorship, especially if people ask what equipment we are using
  • Social media tags – promotes our other social media, gives the audience more to interact with while they wait for future uploads


In future, with more videos we want to set categories to separate content for audiences 

For example;

  • Road trips
  • Cinematic Cars
  • Mazda Build 
  • Van build 
  • Daily Vlogs 
  • Behind the Scenes 

End cards

At the end of each video I made an end card that links to other videos we have created, keeping people hooked and giving us more exposure.


The tagging system I use is identical to instagram 


Research on other titles used by big YouTubers

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.13.41 am.png

  • Used what we liked and adapted it to our own content 



This will be an ongoing DA, with some of the best potential hopefully showing within the next 6 months to a year.

However our biggest challenge in Youtube. Youtube’s biggest downfall has always been its lack of support for the content producers as well as the amount of restriction it has for copyright among other things. For someone creating content that focuses on music in the majority of the content, copyright free music isn’t good enough, so we immediately get copyrighted and lose our rights to monetization. So how do we monitise? Patreon. 

Patreon is a non-restrictive platform with which you can upload content freely with the capabilities to monetize your content in your own personal way. One of the best examples of a good use of youtube, patreon and instagram collaboration is Sailing La Vagabonde.

Hence as a 6month goal for the YouTube we plan to have it up and running on patreon before June 2020.



One of the biggest successes I have had so far throughout the digital artefact has been the opportunity to collaborate with a motorsport events company, producing the media coverage for some of their major events in the near future. During the last week of the DA I had an events company contact me, hoping to speak further about collaborating with their team, this collaboration happened to involve us covering the media for their events, this gig also happened to be paid one. Ultimley meaning that the end goal for my DA was reached. With much more progress to come, this is only a small step but definitely an exciting one as we start our career in social media and media production.

Other Feedback included:

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.13.57 am.png


  • Car stickers we have placed on all our vehicles, used as a form of advertising
  • Jumpers and t-shirts , which we wear to all events we go to as well as whenever we are filming, that way if someone wants to know who we are it’s easy for them to look us up.
  • Bags I carry around at the grocery store- Eco friendly and advertisement 
  • Stickers for laptops

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 12.14.04 am.png

Our merch will be sold at car meets and events, through in person meetings and also through an etsy shop.



Overall this DA has kick started my career in social media involving motorsport, the biggest things are hopefully yet to come with the account. 

This Digital artefact has acted as:

  • Marketing for motorsport career
  • Potential future social utility
  • Monetised career- as of November 
  • Marketing for media production company
  • Potential to use it as an example to future employers to show I have an understanding of market and audience analysis 




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