Media and the way audiences use it have dramatically changed. we have evolved from a lassie audience to an active audience with a constant flow of critical thinking.

Media has always networked through multiple platforms. the only thing that has changed is the platforms and the content that is placed on the media. with every arising platform comes issue that not only the individuals who use it face, but also anyone who is exposed to it through other people. ironically though the media itself can exaggerate or even generate the discussion of the current issues. For example some of the current issue we face are;

  • Ethical/moral obligations of the content provider and user
  • Legal regulations with the constant change in the platforms and content
  • The use of media can be somewhat anonymous
  • Without developed transitions the media and its technologies are a whole new realm with hardly any existing boundaries. many of the previous values related to media will not smoothly fit into the new mediums.

One of the key issues with the use of the media is how each individual can attach their own moral and ethical obligations to a moving target (the media). And within this issue follows the issues of privacy, manipulation of data/images and plagiarism.

Overall as individuals struggle to understand the actual change and effects that the media has whilst we are actively and passively involved in it. Its clear that the media can and does have a positive and negative effects on individuals. media research companies attempt to analysis selected data and provide information on how media and individuals interact, but is it successful? in my opinion, not entirely. Many media research companies use software engineers, data scientists and market researchers to find out how people use the media , what they use it for ย and how often its used, and although this method of media research is effective and will provide information on the topic, its generally one conducted on a small section of the market, and its unable to fully encompass the emotional connection that people have to the media. Each individual will be effect differently based on past experiences, moral obligations and personality as well as what their peers are effected y on the media and how they place the emotional impact onto the people around them and encourage them to also be impacted.

Because audiences are no longer always passive in their interaction with the media and have now become more active in their use, a lot more content has become exposed to a lot more people globally. This exposure can have both positive and negative effects, and even though media research shows what we are exposed to it cannot judge the effect that it will have on us. So what are the real issues that we face with the ever growing media and its technologies? Overall I think the real issue with the use of media is the balance we struggle to achieve between the online and the not. Media research should focus on how we can achieve a balance between what we are shown and influenced by and what is the truth and what represents who we are as an individual.

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