Internet of Things

Information networks, mobile connectivity and big data have come together to result in an 'internet of things'. Imagining a world where everything is connected to the internet is normally portrayed as dystopian, and killer robots are imminent. But what are the real possibilities for IoT?  Smart home The desire to wake up to the … Continue reading Internet of Things

The Invisible Battlefield

War with weapons and military has become a thing of the past, the greatest threat has evolved into Cyberwarfare, an 'invisible battlefield'. Why build a missile when you can hire a hacker. For example, the recent terror attacks in paris were offline but were appropriated into online attacks by putting malware in 'support' images … Continue reading The Invisible Battlefield

Protest to Movement

Social networks have created many revolutions in connectivity, one of the main revolutions being able to share opinions to mass amounts of people, generate a response and create support easily and very quickly all over the world. Online activists loop on social networks Applying to the beginning author, their audiences, audiences remediations and their audiences and … Continue reading Protest to Movement

Be there, even when your not

Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Snapchat are four common examples of citizen journalism collecting random information into a specific online place. Data aggregation has generated a mass conversion in the way individuals receive information and how we interact with that information.   Traditional information sources such as journalists, news articles, and news tv programs are unable … Continue reading Be there, even when your not

Closed off from Open source

Discussion between apple and android are normally based on user preferences between the two brands, but a comparison between the two requires the individual to look closer at the specifics of both and consider the technical possibilities and restrictions of both in a world that mostly dependant one mobile device. IOS is an open source product allowing users … Continue reading Closed off from Open source

Information Money

"Our wealth sits upon a very large device that copies promiscuously and constantly." We live in an age that allows us to be constantly making/generating income online for ourselves or others without knowing or being active. This 'income' has changed from actual currency into 'knowledge money'. Content we create for 'selfish purposes' consequently get copied … Continue reading Information Money