Little by little

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public” Writing in public as a media audience researcher can be a challenging process, we are constantly encouraged to critically evaluate others and ourselves to gather and record informative results, and with the constant upgrades in types of media audience research methods and technologies, we … Continue reading Little by little


Growing up in school, regulations are a normality, but as technology advances, schools struggle to regulate media use. During grade 8-9 I found it challenging to abide by the regulations my school placed upon media use. We were unable to use phones from the starting bell through to the finishing bell, and if they were … Continue reading VPN


Cyberpunk refers to both a culture and a genre. It's science fiction that features advanced science and technology in an urban, dystopian future. " High-tech. Low life" Cyberpunk is also a culture attitude and a distinct style. Anti-authoritarian, brand-averse, and tech-literate. But what is the reasoning being the mass interest in cyberpunk culture? and how does … Continue reading Neon-Dystopia