Error Media

ERROR MEDIA   CONCEPT: My digital artefact is a collaboration between Instagram and YouTube to show content related to females in the motorsport community, its aims were to reinvent the starter pack relevant to the stereotypes surrounding that community and assist with changing the image of females currently present in that industry. To do this … Continue reading Error Media

Peer Review 2

Digital Atefact One INSTAGRAM CONTENT FEEDBACK: Positive Methodology Improve Methodology  Polls are a great way to get quick feedback on specific content production and get your community involved in your content, as well as creating a better connection with the people you follow Combining the food content with the fitness content is an interesting … Continue reading Peer Review 2

Error Media BETA

Find my Instagram Find My Youtube Moving forward from the stage I’ve presented in the video, I'm now at the point of uploading to YouTube and generating an audience. From there I’ll be linking Patreon, we plan to upload behind the scenes/ informative and instructional videos, therefore people will immediately get something … Continue reading Error Media BETA

ErrorMedia ‘ErrorMedia’ will be Australian content produced as a collaboration between Instagram and Youtube, attempting to reframe the current perspective and limitations of the car community. I’ll be focusing on addressing the negative perspective of females. By including my own image in posts showing skill and class, it should automatically change viewers perspectives, without directly attacking … Continue reading ErrorMedia