Scaping a re-birth BETA

Through these visuals and text I will be exploring how nostalgia can revive a games popularity or ruin its evolution potential. specifically exploring the question of; why bringing back an outdated version of a game result in more response and play time? leading to the re-birth or division of a gaming community. Firstly before discussion … Continue reading Scaping a re-birth BETA

Appropriating Appropriately

Cultural appropriation is defined as the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of culture, which is vastly different from cultural appreciation however i do think there is potential for cultural appreciation to be hidden within content that may be ultimately defined as ‘appropriation’ based on sources or method of use. Recently I read an opinion piece by … Continue reading Appropriating Appropriately

A Critical Reflection

First comment Overview of pitch: A blog series exploring artificial intelligence in video games, for example discussing AI as the future of gaming. Comment: Reflection: I wanted to provide some further information on AI technologies, AI is a complex topic and the more information that's available to that person to incorporate into their project the … Continue reading A Critical Reflection

Turning Hybridization Inside Out

“I acknowledge that global culture has had a homogenizing effect on local values but recognizes the role of local reception in shaping the communication process, where global culture is understood as a peculiar form of capital only able to rule through local capitals.” (Hall, 1991).   Inside out is one of the many Disney animations … Continue reading Turning Hybridization Inside Out

Scaping a Re-birth “Digital culture of today is becoming increasingly a field of retrospective” (Suominen, 2007) Game culture is constantly evolving, so how is it that bringing back an outdated version of a game, save its dwindling number of players. Throughout this digital artefact I’d like to explore how nostalgia can revive a games popularity or ruin … Continue reading Scaping a Re-birth

ErrorMedia ‘ErrorMedia’ will be Australian content produced as a collaboration between Instagram and Youtube, attempting to reframe the current perspective and limitations of the car community. I’ll be focusing on addressing the negative perspective of females. By including my own image in posts showing skill and class, it should automatically change viewers perspectives, without directly attacking … Continue reading ErrorMedia