Empowered audiences

The role of the audience in their interaction with digital media platforms and content has dramatically changed during the last couple of years.User empowerment is continuously growing and many media platforms have become dependent on it. Previously content was created by producers who concentrated the media market. Most were seen as credible sources and the … Continue reading Empowered audiences

The Medium Is the Message Pt.2

The lack of linearity between two related qualities such as input and output, is defined as non- linearity. Simplified it’s basically a way to explain how you work the internet, nothing works in an organized sequence, any one place can lead everyone to an entirely different one based on the person’s preferences. For example, you … Continue reading The Medium Is the Message Pt.2

The Medium Is the Message Pt.1

The way each media communicates with their audience is crucial.The information they convey to audiences can be unintentionally or intentionally changed by the way its presented, and in turn how each audience perceives it.  This can be known as'The medium is the message'.For example, say your having a conversation with a friend about a topic, … Continue reading The Medium Is the Message Pt.1